Seventy-four (74) students from TESDA-CSITE Main Campus participated in a Job Induction Program, a collaborative initiative between TESDA-CAR and Foundever, to enhance the employability of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) students. The program, held on June 27, 2024, at TESDA-CSITE Main Campus, Military Cut-Off, is part of TESDA-CAR’s continuous efforts to improve career opportunities for the students.

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The program featured a session led by Ms. Amani Escaño-Marrero, Sr. Learning Specialist of Foundever, who provided in-depth training on key areas such as Personality Development, Preparing for Job Hunting, and How to Win an Interview. Her expertise and engaging delivery equipped the studentesdats with essential skills and knowledge to excel in their job search and future careers.

TESDA-Benguet Acting Provincial Director, Arlene L. Cadalig, was also present and expressed her support for the program. “This collaboration is a wonderful initiative that will provide valuable training and career opportunities to our trainees,” she remarked, highlighting the significance of such partnerships in empowering TVET graduates. Ms. Racel Estrada, Learning Manager of Foundever, also conveyed her message of support, reinforcing the collective effort to support the student’s professional development.

Additionally, Ms. Susana G. Carbonell, TESDA-CAR ROD OIC-Chief, discussed the program’s overview, providing the attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the objectives and benefits of the Job Induction Program.

This collaboration is expected to significantly boost the job readiness of TVET graduates, giving them a competitive edge in the job market. The event marked a significant step in TESDA-CAR’s mission to enhance the employability of its graduates, preparing them for successful careers and contributing to the region’s workforce development.

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