The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), along with partner agencies and financial institutions, officially launched the World Café of Opportunities (WCO). August 25, 2021

As part of this week-long celebration of the TESDA Anniversary, the World Cafe of Opportunities was organized as one of the highlights for job seekers. Part of the event is the opportunity to enroll in tech-voc courses and to avail of the scholarship programs offered by TESDA. Its target beneficiaries are TVET graduates; entrepreneurs, companies/industries with job vacancies, and returning overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their qualified beneficiaries. Filipinos all over the country can apply to get free tech-voc training through TESDA scholarships.This virtual event can be accessed through the website on Aug. 25, 2021.

In connection with the National Tech-Voc Day, there will also be simultaneous celebration of National TVET Enrolment Day and World Café of Opportunities thru the online platform in 17 regions nationwide.

The Kabalikat Awards, TESDA Idol, Tagsanay Award and TESDA Employees and Loyalty Awards, Tesda Model Employee Outstanding of the Year Award, Best TTI Award, Galing Probinsya Award, Galing Driver Award, On the Spot Award, 5s Award, Skills mo, I-vlog Mo Award, Crafts and Hacks and will also be given during the anniversary celebration.

Every year thereafter the National Technical-Vocational (Tech-Voc) Day is Celebrated on the 25th day of August nationwide.



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