TESDA CAR Regional Director Atty. Balmyrson M. Valdez paid a courtesy call to Provincial Administrator Michael Ronald P. Bersamira, Jr. on May 10, 2023 at the Provincial Capitol. Along with him are Provincial Director John B. Adawey, Campus Administrator Emmanuel B. Ballesteros, Senior TESD Specialist Fred B. Baroña. RD Valdez assured the Provincial Government of Abra of the assistance and delivery of services of TESDA to the Abreños.     

RD Valdez, likewise, had a meeting with the TESDA Abra PO and CSITE Abra Campus staff at the 3rd Floor, CSITE Abra Campus Building. He reiterated the proper implementation of all the programs of TESDA. He said that one of his priorities in his stint as the Regional Director of the Cordillera Region is the conduct of staff development programs. According to him, ‘‘You have to invest in your people. The success of a region is not solely credited to the Regional Director or Provincial Director for the case of a province, but it is the collaborative effort of all the human resources manning the office. Do your best, always give your 100% in your work and prepare yourself as you go into a higher position with greater responsibilities. ’’

‘‘We have to keep abreast with the development. Our priority today is demand. We are not only supply-driven but also demand-driven. Increase the number of TVIs, increase the number of registered programs, and increase the number of CSITE programs with higher qualifications.’’ RD Valdez said to challenge PD Adawey and CA Ballesteros.

RD Valdez informed the staff that he will be strict in monitoring the IPCR. Staff development will be conducted because he will try to move CAR to greater heights. RD Valdez is eyeing CAR to become a Bronze Awardee of PRIME-HRM by the CSC.

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