It’s too surprising to see that our plants were overwhelmed by  weeds during the ten (10) days Christmas and New year breaks This pest really needs regular weeding to control them in the absence of organic herbicides.  The good side however is that due to the continuous cultivation of the land, the grassy weeds before are now replaced with broad leaf weeds which are easier to manually control.  In fact, some weeds that are growing now can be served as viands. Today, we need to remove the weeds and mulch them to our crops.

In organic farming, weeding is one of most important things to do. While our pechay are growing, the weeds compete with them so this week we got to weed our garden so it will not steal the nutrients that are supposedly for our plants since this kind of veggie is heavy feeder and require fertilizing.

We love growing vegetable and eating them as well. One vegetable that we like growing and eating a lot is called, ‘pack choi’ or pechay. Sine we find pechay is often so expensive and sometimes hard to find fresh in the market.

Pechay is so easy to grow that even a non-gardener like us can do it. All we do before was scatter the seeds and cover them lightly with compost, and water them. When they have four or five leaves, we transplant them into the plot with at least four (4) inches of separation between each plant.

Though pechay is prone to pest like greenflies, slugs and snails and that is beyond our control we still manage to take good care of the plants so they could grow healthily and amazingly with fewer pests.

Pechay does not take long to grow and can be harvested any time from (6) six weeks and onward, they even grow thicker and bigger, but what we love the most, is they can grow easily especially in the month of rainy or cold season in our province.

Aside from pechay, eggplant seedlings appeared after the tough weeding, they grew with the weeds. When plots are ready we will transplant the eggplants separating it from the pechay so they could grow abundantly.


Eggplant seedlings  appeared after weeding 

Eggplant  seedlings  with pechay overwhelm with weeds

Before weeding

After weeding

Broad leaf weeds serve as mulch



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May 2022