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On September 12, 2023, in San Juan, Abra, the TESDA CSITE Abra Campus, under the direction of Campus Administrator Mr. Emmanuel B. Ballesteros, coordinated training in Driving NC II and Masonry NC I in accordance with the TESDA sa Barangay. Meynardo M. Bautista Jr., the municipal […]
A total of 32 trainers from the Technical Vocational Institutions (TVIs) and TESDA Technology Institutions (TTIs) in the Province of Apayao attended the 3-day training from September 12-14, 2023 at Flora Clubhouse in Bagutong, Flora, Apayao. The facilitators for the event were Mr. Benedicto A. Biato, […]
TESDA Abra, DOLE Abra, Provincial Government of Abra with the Community Training and Employment Coordinators and Public Employment Service Officers convened for a meeting on September 15, 2023 at 3rd Floor, ADTEMPCO Building, Zone 4, Bangued, Abra.  Provincial Director Daoaten expressed his sincere gratitude to all […]